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Instantly send and receive money transfers globally with more than 250+ methods
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One account. All transfers.
Omniwire transfers offer a universal account that allows you to send, receive, and request money globally, independent of the currency, geography, and payment method.
payment methods
No hidden fees
Upfront commission fees so that you can utilize the best possible rates on the market.
Send to anyone
Send money to any bank, card, or payment platform from one universal account.
Receive money
Instantly request and receive money from around the world.
The best FX rate
We offer the leading foreign exchange rates to enable powerful cost-savings for our clients.
Popular global and favorite local payment methods
Send and receive money worldwide
Bank transfers
Cash payments
Cards are used worldwide for shopping online, in-app, and in-store. Omniwire partners with principal members of Visa and Mastercard resulting in faster transaction requests, higher authorisation rates, and detailed payments data reporting.

eWallets are popular payment options which enable online payments without having to enter payment details. With eWallet mobile applications, in-app and physical store payments are also possible through NFC terminals.

Online bank transfers (regular and real-time) allow your customers to transfer money from one bank account to another. Real-time bank transfer is based on the same principle but the transaction is performed in real-time and online. The payment confirmation is almost immediate.
In several countries, credit card penetration is low and consumers prefer to use cash payments instead. These cash payments are converted to an online payment method for a frictionless and familiar shopping experience.

Prepaid vouchers come in a card form with a fixed balance and a unique code. It is safe to use for consumers as they don't have to enter their personal information. The payment is real-time and quite common among young online shoppers without credit cards.
Mobile payments are easy and fast. Newer devices include built-in NFC technology so consumers can shop at a physical location with NFC point of sale terminals through the mobile device.

Customer support
Our friendly and efficient customer support team is ready to answer all of your questions.
How it works
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account in a few clicks
Choose the amount to pay
Choose how much money you want to send and in which currency
Choose recipient
Enter the name of the money
transfer recipient
Verify your identity
Instantly verify your identity online
through our website or mobile app
Pay for the transfer
Choose the speed of transfer and how much fees you want to pay
Transfer money and track delivery through the dashboard
Mobile + Web + Prepaid Card
Omniwire transfers are available on web, iOS, and Android platforms. Users can also order a virtual or plastic card that is connected to their universal account and provides instant access to funds.
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