Payment platform
Launch your own comprehensive payment platform under your brand in a short timeframe by utilizing our network, licenses, permissions, certifications, and software.
Launch your brand in any country of the world
Operate with hundreds of payment methods
Accept and send money in any world fiat currency
IBAN & ACH accounts for everyone
Merchant & individual accounts
Provide multi-currency accounts to merchants and private individuals. Allow users to send and receive money globally.
Virtual & physical
Branded prepaid cards
Provide users with branded contactless prepaid cards compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Frictionless automated online registration
Easy onboarding
Onboard customers with ease and full regulatory compliance in only a few minutes.
For merchants and their customers
Payment gateway
The ultimate payment gateway allows merchants to raise online conversion rates and accept 250+ payment methods globally.
Remain in control
C-Panel for business owners
Maintain complete authority over your white-label platform with the administrator C-Panel.
Features everyone likes
Money Transfers
Send, receive, and request payments worldwide
Recurring Payments
Automate repeating payments
Google Pay and Apple Pay enabled
Request money from any person globally
Split bills with friends
Easily split and pay the bill with friends
Spending budgeting
Set up monthly, weekly, and daily spending limits
Why choose us?
White-label solution
Fully customizable interface and fees unlock new opportunities and revenue streams for business owners.
No licenses needed
Our vast partner network saves you years of time and money pursuing certifications and permissions.
Compliance and security
You don't need to worry about compliance and data security measures; allow us to take care of that for you.
The best solution available
We have created the most comprehensive solution available on the market for our customers.
250+ payment methods worldwide
Go Digital, Go Global
Our white-label payment platform erases borders, allowing users to freely accept and send payments to the most popular global and local payment systems worldwide.
Download PDF presentation to see all payment methods
Easy integration
Launch your own global payment platform in a few easy steps.
Feel free to contact us to discuss terms and conditions with a customer success manager
Pass the customer due diligence process and consolidation of business relations
Easily set up and customize your white-label payment platform with your brand look and feel
Press the button and go live with the freedom to focus on marketing and customer acquisitions
Choose your white-label solution
Whether you are an established business, newborn startup, or government representative,
our solution is the best fit for you.
Banks and Fintechs
Enterprise payroll

Improve, grow, and scale your business.

Licensed banks and fintechs, can enhance their existing solution with the advanced web and mobile digital banking applications, which opens a wide range of capabilities for growth and scaling.

Simplify payroll, enable cost-savings and get extra income

Provide branded cards to your organization and pay employees straight to their salary cards. This enables a cost-savings to business, simplifies the payroll, and raises employees' loyalty.

Provide beneficial solutions for citizens

Create and distribute mobile banking software for central banks, and offer customized mobile banking programs for citizens through the local, national, and international banks.

Become our partner and enjoy benefits

Become our co-seller and system integrator partner. Join our team to provide the top-grade white-label payment platform solutions to your customers. Discover new powerful revenue streams and opportunities.

Reward, attract & retain employees or customers

The payment platform offers a smart solution for payroll, customer reward, and promotional programs. Ultimate functionality of the white-label platform will help you to reach your needs and get maximum advantage.

Get your startup to the next level

Whether you are a social network, fintech startup, or simply have a good user base, the white-label platform is here to bring you all the extra tools to become the next unicorn.