prepaid debit cards for business
Support prepaid debit cards
Accept prepaid cards online and in-store
Prepaid cards work with major world currencies
Prepaid cards are issued globally
We create prepaid card solutions for your business
Omniwire provides customizable white-label prepaid cards to businesses to help reach corporate needs and financial goals.

Reloadable virtual and physical prepaid cards allow businesses to establish markup fees and profit from every transaction and subscription made with their branded cards online or in-store.

Omniwire API allows enterprises to efficiently issue, distribute, and manage Apple Pay and Google Pay friendly virtual and physical cards of major card brands without the need for a license.

Prepaid cards for your users

Enhance your existing business by offering your clients branded prepaid cards. Improve loyalty and unlock new powerful revenue streams for your business.

Accrue salary on your company's salary cards

Provide branded cards to your organization and directly pay employees to their salary cards. Simplify the payroll and raises employee loyalty through this cost-savings strategy.

Up to 15 currencies on one card

Get maximum benefits from the prepaid cards with multi-currency capabilities and auto-conversion at the moment of transaction. The FX rates at which these transactions take place can be set by the entity offering the product to generate additional revenue streams.

Pay with the ease at any time and everywhere

Safe and convenient, this card is a great alternative to cash and traveler's checks. Prepaid travel money cards let your users manage their money and shop with ease and security at home and abroad.

Reward, attract & retain employees or customers

Whether it's for businesses looking to reward their employees or for retail brands wanting to attract new or retain existing customers, prepaid gift cards offer a smart solution for reward and promotional programs.

Prepaid card solutions for the young generations

An easy way for students and kids to receive, spend and manage funds from parents, employers, universities and other educational institutions.

Tailor-made prepaid cards for your needs

Tell us about the ideas you want to see materialized with the help of prepaid debit cards, and we will design the perfect white-label solution for you.

Mobile & contactless payments
Contactless cards and Mobile NFC payments enable seamless customer experience and bring users more security.
Lower risk & optimized costs
Preloaded balances independent of bank accounts reduce fraud risk and minimizes the cost of card operations.
Enjoy benefits of
the prepaid debit cards
Top up your card easily with more than 250 payment methods worldwide.
Create custom solutions
API for Developers
API allows developers to quickly create, distribute, and manage virtual and physical cards. Omniwire API allows seamless integration of prepaid card solutions into any existing business.
Stay in the control
Administrator Control Panel
Have full control over your solution with our Administrator Control Panel. Whether you are a business owner or a cardholder you have all the required tools to manage and control your solution.
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